Upon completion of the Submerge Program, you will have the option to apply for the Summit Executive Leadership Track.  The goal of Summit is to build upon the foundation that you have already established at Submerge. 



It's one thing to hear about leadership, it's another to actually step out and lead. Learning to navigate team dynamics, build momentum, and apply basic leadership skills can be a daunting task when you are all on your own. Through Summit, you will gain real-life, practical experience in a safe learning environment. Each day you will effectively manage projects and people as you lead one of the Go Committees. You will gain insight and experience as you expand the reach of these committees throughout the city.  Sharpen your communication skills as you learn how to effectively communicate vision and inspire others to be involved in their daily tasks and projects. 



We always say that, "the easiest way to learn how to do big things is to actually DO BIG THINGS."  At Submerge you have learned a variety of skill sets, Summit will give you a real world environment to put these skills to the the test.  Enhance your resume and gain experience through your daily responsibilities at Go. You will receive your own job title and description and play a direct role in the impact of Go International.  Work hand in hand with the Go Staff to sharpen your natural talents and ensure that you learn how to maximize and utilize your gifts to make the greatest impact possible.

When you leave Summit you will not only be armed with an arsenal of practical experience under your belt, you will also have the confidence to believe that if you can think it, you can do it. 


 A true leader understands that you can not lead others where you have not been yourself.  As a Summit team member you will attend weekly leadership classes, participate in an executive reading track, and benefit from one on one life-coaching sessions, all designed to equip you to be the leader God has called you to be.





Summit seeks to build on what you have already learned about living in an overseas environment and forge new, deeper inroads with the local community.  Your knowledge of both the city and culture will allow you to readily aid new Submerge members.

As you have already experienced first hand, there is no better way to learn a language than through daily immersion in it.  Advance your Spanish even further as you continue to sharpen your vocabulary skills through Summit language classes and simply by conducting your day-to-day affairs.



If you are interested in applying for Summit you will need to set up an appointment with a Go Staff Member. To apply for a position on the Summit Leadership Team you must have already completed at least one of the following Go International.TV programs:

+ GO Internship

+ Submerge

Tuition: Free

Living Expenses:  $650/month

Equipment needed: Computer,  E-reader, and required books to complete the Leadership Reading Track.