To some people the phrase, "Live your dreams" sounds more cliche than realistic. Most of our lives we are told to, “Grow up. Quit dreaming. Pull your head out of the clouds and get a grip.” What if there was a different way to live? What if you truly could live your dream?  Imagine if you could discover your passion, learn how to walk it out, and use it to touch the world?  We invite you to Submerge, a multi-month experience in South America that combines mission projects, creativity, and classroom training.




At Submerge we are passionate about training people to achieve the dreams that are inside their hearts. Combined with inspirational teaching and practical application, Submerge will give you the tools that you need to cause the dreams in your heart to become a reality. Submerge is centered around several values that are reflected in our daily routine: 


Most people think it’s reserved for artists and dancers, but we believe it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in life. You’ll receive training on creative thinking and brainstorming and you’ll be able to put it into practice on a daily basis. Sure you’ll get to try your hand at the artistic stuff, master the basics of Photoshop and web design, but what we are talking about here is more than just art, it’s a lifestyle.


We are committed to training leaders to impact this generation. It’s been said that the average person will unintentionally influence around 10,000 people in their lifetime. We truly believe that God has called each of us to become a leader; as a Submerge team member you’ll participate in leadership classes and learn directly from some of today’s ministry and business leaders. You will have real-life opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills as you apply all that you learn.


You can’t live in South America unless you pack in a few adventures, right? The Submerge experience includes what we call “Intentional Downtime”. (Basically, we carve out time for you to meet friends and have lots of cool adventures.) During your downtime, venture out and play with some monkeys in a nearby rainforest, straddle both sides of the hemisphere at the equatorial line, tour the city and visit historic Old Town, shop in local markets, or even climb one of the many nearby volcanoes.



While traditional schooling focuses on memorization, tests, and grades, Submerge is designed to teach you through learning as well as implementation. Training is focused on providing you with what you need for the real world. Each day you will get hands-on experience as you take part in a growing and thriving missions organization, Go International. Not only will you learn practical skills that will help you out in your own life, you also will be part of making a huge difference in the lives of others.


At Submerge, we are all about giving you what you need to thrive. We focus on the practical stuff you can reach out and touch. It’s personal finance. It’s setting goals for yourself and having people around you help you achieve them. It’s stepping out in big ways towards your dream. Submerge is where education meets hands-on experience.


¿Habla español? In addition to the work you do, you will also receive Spanish and Culture classes to help you get the most out of your overseas experience. Our goal at Submerge is to give you a true sense of life outside of the American bubble. From taxi rides, to visits to the mercado  you will be submerged in the South American lifestyle. 



At Submerge we believe in doing life together.  The Submerge team is made up of a select group of individuals ready to serve with all their heart. Our goal is to create a true sense of community amongst the team giving it a family feel.  We seek to both work hard and play hard together. We are confident that you will make lifelong friendships with the members of your Submerge team.


+practical experience

Whether venturing out on your own endeavors after the program or applying for the job of your dreams; the Submerge program gives you the tools you need to make it happen.  Many of our Alumni have started their own businesses and are self employed while others are thrive working in creative business and ministries across the globe.  We always say that the easiest way to learn how to do big things is to DO big things.  Check out our alumni page and see how others who have graduated the Go programs have put their experience to good use!