Submerge Founders: GREG + CHRISTA BACA

Greg and Christa Baca married in 2003, they currently live in Quito, Ecuador with their two children, Zion and Lucianna. After marrying, Greg and Christa launched Go, an international nonprofit organization aimed at sharing the message of Christ and encourage people live the life they were created to live. Go International has lead hundreds of people on trips to 25 countries around the world. Their projects range from installing water purification systems in the jungles of Panama to hosting living art campaigns on the streets of Rome.

In 2006 Greg & Christa launched the Go Internship, a training program for young adults that combined inspirational teaching with real-world practical skills. Over the course of the six years that the Go Internship was in operation, many students who came through the program went on to start their own companies or work at some of the leading faith-based organizations throughout the world.

After running Go International for almost a decade, the Bacas moved their headquarters from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Quito, Ecuador to focus on more long-term international projects. There, Greg and Christa combined the experience of the Go Internship with the Go international missions trips, and created Submerge. The program officially launched in the Spring of 2013.

After living in Quito for three years the Bacas co-founded a local church called ONE UIO. The purpose of the church is to provide hope to those who would not typically be inclined to attend church.

Though Greg & Christa have made their nonprofit work their focus, they also consult with a variety of companies and organizations on strategic planning, marketing, design, and messaging. When in the U.S. they enjoy speaking in a variety of forums to challenge people to make the most of the life they have been given.

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