7 Reasons Why Traveling Can Jumpstart Your Career

Not all who wander are lost.  

How traveling in your 20s may just unlock the career you've been dreaming of. 

For college gradsFOR YOUNG JOB SEEKERS, INCLUDING COLLEGE GRADS, finding a job can be a daunting task. As more and more young people flood the job market with diplomas in hand, having the courage to do something "out of the ordinary" will immediately set you apart from other job applicants. Check out our seven reasons why traveling in your twenties could help jump-start your career.


1. Travel with Purpose


While jetting off to "see the world" might seem irresponsible, including service-oriented projects in your plans and traveling with purpose shows potential employers your heart to give back.

2. Adaptability

Cross-cultural experiences teach you how to navigate through uncharted territories. Daily interactions with a foreign language, navigating unfamiliar places, and interacting with another culture will cause you to be quick on your feet and learn how to open your eyes to see other options.  


3. Gain Experience

Many employers are looking for people who have experience. This is always a bit tricky to maneuver since you need actual experience to have “experience.” One way to gain the interview edge you are looking for is to volunteer with an international non-profit organization. If you partner with an organization that also seeks to train you--helping you grow--then you will mutually benefit from the experience.



4. Learn a new language

Being immersed in a foreign language is the fastest and most effective way to learn. As business continues to bend towards a more interconnected and global economy, those proficient in a foreign language will have the upper hand.  


5.  Broaden your global perspective

Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.” By leaving behind the comfort of what is familiar, you will open up your mind to see a new broadened perspective of the world.  As international trade, technology and business increase, those who have a wide global lens will naturally rise to the top.

6. Learn to live with less

Travel causes you to monitor budgets and navigate currency exchange, teaching you to be constantly aware of your finances. Packing up your life into a backpack or 50LB suitcase will cause you to think about what you really need in life. Exposure to other cultures where people live with less will cause you to become a more resourceful person. These qualities are invaluable as you begin your professional career, allowing you to maximize budgets, stretch resources, and get the most from your investments.

7.  Continued Education

Tom Freston, founder of MTV and Viacom said, “Travel is the best and probably cheapest graduate school you can buy.” Travel allows you to explore, learn new cultures, expand your knowledge base and open your mind up to new and innovative ideas.


Ready to travel?

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