Free to Fly: A New Art Campaign

How 400 origami birds can create a meaningful dialogue. 

At Submerge we are passionate about sharing God's love in a relevant and non-religious way. Through the use of creative campaigns and innovative outreaches we strive to bridge cultures, build community, spark conversations, and create meaningful dialogue .

The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala. This exotic bird is unlike any other in that if the bird is held captive, even within the most beautiful of cages, it will soon die. It was this majestic bird which inspired the concept for our latest campaign "Free to Fly".

We believe that just like the Quetzal, you were created to live freely. 

During the campaign we asked participants to take an origami bird and write on it one thing from which they wished to be free. The conversations went deep with participants as they shared with our Submerge team what was holding them back.  

The birds were then used to combined to create an art display. By the end, 400+ origami birds streamed from an open cage, being set free. Below are some images from the campaign: 

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