It's one thing to read about leadership, it's another to actually step out and lead. Learning to navigate team dynamics, build momentum, and apply basic leadership skills can be a daunting task when you are all on your own.  Summit provides a safe environment for you to spread your leadership wings.  Summit teaches you what you can never learn in a text book. The program provides you with hands-on learning experiences and real-life responsibilities.  Work hand in hand with the Go Staff to sharpen your natural talents and ensure that you learn to maximize your gifts to make the greatest impact possible.

Each day you will effectively manage projects and people as you lead one of the Go Committees. You will gain insight and experience as you expand the reach of these committees throughout the city.  Sharpen your communication skills as you learn how to effectively communicate vision and inspire others to be involved in their daily tasks and projects.


THRIVE: As a Summit team member you will participate in Thrive, Summit’s new personal success curriculum.  Thrive is designed to empower you to succeed from the inside out.  In our modern world many people experience compartmentalized success, they prosper in one area - while failing in another.  We believe that success should not be compartmentalized but wholistic.  Thrive combines classroom training, hands on application, and one on one life-coaching sessions.  

Thrive Class:

You will start your day with Thrive Class. We all know that making real and lasting change can be a daunting task.  The reason it’s hard for many people to truly change is that the methods most often used amount to little more than behavior modification, discipline, and a dose of self loathing.  Thrive class takes a different approach,  we begin with the internal work of the heart to identify roadblocks, negative perceptions, and limiting beliefs that will oppose future success. The goal of the curriculum is to move you from a place of striving to thriving.  

Thrive Coaching:

Thrive one-on-one coaching sessions will help you; clarify your goals, create a plan of action, and  establish metrics to track your progress.  Ongoing assessment will provide you with insight as to what is working and what isn’t. Thrive Coaching is designed with you in mind. Want to launch a business?  Looking to break through some personal barriers or work through an inter-personal issue? Coaching is a one-on-one time to assist you with your personal objectives.


E2: The idea of Submerge Equip class is to expose you to business and create a hunger for entrepreneurship, while providing practical skills to help make dreams a reality.  E2 picks up where Submerge leaves off.  E2 will expound on the concepts introduced in Equip and add to your “talent tool belt”.   E2 includes an accompanying reading track, complete with group book discussions to help maximize retention.  If you have a passion to start a new venture, bring innovation to the market place, or use your gifts and talents to serve the world around you then E2 will aid you in your endeavor.

E2:Video Production

Take your skills to the next level by unlocking this key component of marketing. Story telling through video is now a must-have skill set in our sight and sound world.  In Summit, you will learn the basics of the Adobe Premiere platform. Through these classes you will develop an understanding of the digital video production process: storyboarding, scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production.



E2 Biz is all about teaching you to create, deploy and automate business systems that maximize your productivity while freeing your time.  With an emphasis on cloud computing, you will learn how to create virtual cash flow systems that allow you to work from anywhere.  Learn how to get a new venture off the ground with inside tips on business incorporation and how to launch start-ups.  You will be inspired as you learn to move from merely talking about making money to adding dollars to your bank account.

Summit seeks to build on what you have already learned about living in an overseas environment and forge new, deeper inroads with the local community.  Your knowledge of both the city and culture will allow you to readily aid new Submerge members.As you have already experienced first hand, there is no better way to learn a language than through daily immersion in it.  Advance your Spanish even further as you continue to sharpen your vocabulary skills through Summit language classes and simply by conducting your day to day affairs.


If you are interested in applying for Summit please schedule an in person interview with Greg. To apply for a position on the Summit Leadership Team you must have already completed at least one of the following Go International.TV programs:
+Go Internship
+ Go Apprenticeship




Application Due Date:  May 13

Dates: July 27th - Dec 14th 2016

Tuition: $999

Living Expenses:  5 Monthly payments of $650

Equipment needed: Computer, Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud Membership and E-reader