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Reference Statements
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The applicant is a strong leader.
The applicant is in a good season of life to participate in a program like Submerge.
The applicant lives a strong moral lifestyle.
The applicant is strong in his/her faith.
The applicant is confident in who they are.
I know the applicant well enough to provide an accurate reference for their application.
I fully recommend the applicant to participate in the Submerge Program.
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One of the biggest concerns we have as leaders of the Submerge program is how flexible an applicant is. Being that the program takes place in Ecuador, each participant will be pushed outside of his or her comfort zone. Even if they weren't participating in a program, just living in a foreign country can be uncomfortable. Living in a nation with different culture, language and food can be challenging. Please describe what your observations have been in regards to the flexibility of the applicant. How do you imagine they would do living in an international context?
As a participant in the program the applicant will live, attend class, and minister with the same group of people for the entire semester. Inevitably, conflict will arise at some point. Please describe how you have observed the applicant interact with teams or groups. Describe how you have seen them handle conflict resolution in a positive way? How do you think they will handle themselves being surrounded by the same group of people?
As a leader in the applicant's life, please list any areas in which you would like to see growth during Submerge. Is there anything else you think we should know about the applicant before determining his or her acceptance into the program?